Kaew sell furniture

In addition to running the restaurant I wrote about in the previous section, Kaew's new man makes furniture; Very nice dining tables, chairs, wooden pallets and more.
She also sold a kind of rechargeable table lamp that lights up nicely on the tables. We ordered 4 such lamps from her that we will probably take home with us to Sweden. She ordered these from the supplier and I will upload pictures as soon as we have picked up the lamps. We also bought a nice wooden pallet. The largest of the wooden pallets cost 170 Bath about SEK 54. You can see the prices a little further down the page.
Kaew with dining table and chairs made by her husband
The whole group 4500 Bath, one chair 700 Bath and only the table 2000 Bath
Wooden pallets for sale
Wooden pallets for sale from 100 Bath - 170 Bath
Wooden pallets for sale