Cutest and best waitress

We had our Wednesday dinner at Kaews restaurant. Kaew means glass in English. There are other Thai names like Maew (cat), Lek (little), Pla (fish), etc. that is common.

We had a delicious dinner,  and Kaew now that we love hot and spicy food so she always make it hot (in Thai: pet) for us. We also got served by the cutest and best waitress; Mint.

Many years ago, at the same time that we started to help our sponsored children, our neighbours here in Thailand, Lis and Christer took Mint and as their sponsored child. Mint was living with her mother that she
had to take care of as her mother was not quite well. During the years, Mint has noticed the importance of studying and e.g.  learning English. She is now speak English fluent thanks to her dedication of learning
and by Lis and Christer sponsorship and pepping. She has now finished Primary school in Huai Yang and Secondary school in Prachuap Khiri Khan. She has now graduated and she told us that she will start at a university in Hua Hin this fall. So incredibly well done by her.  

Until she starts at school this fall she works temporarily at Kaews restaurant. She assists her in the kitchen and work as a waitress.  It is very kind of Kaew to help Mint and she also stay with Kaew while she works at Kaews restaurant. We could tell that Mint is happy and enjoying to work with Kaew.  In addition to helping people like Mint, Kaew has helped Burmese girls and let them work in her restaurant. Kaew also takes care of her almost 90-year-old mother, her braindamage brother who can’t take care of himself and on top of that her own three children.  Kaew is a true Samaritan.

In excellent English Mint said to us: “Lis and Christer are proud of me”. We promised Lis to give Mint a hug from her and Christer, which we did. We took the opportunity to also give her a hug from us and tip her.

Lasse, Mint and me
Kaew gives us the opportunity to donate money to the monks in the village
Lasse, Mint and me